Sponsorship is broken into three levels; Gold, Silver and Bronze. Sponsors will receive a number of benefits based on their sponsor level. You can see a full list of benefits here . If you sponsor more than one item, the sum of the two items would determine your sponsor level. Consider sponsoring a bronze and silver item to help you reach gold status.

If you do not see a package that meets your needs at APHA 2018, please call us. We want to help you reach your target audience by creating a custom sponsorship package. Early confirmation of your sponsorship will ensure a higher level of exposure!



  • 2 Available
  • 0 On Hold
  • 5 Sold

Get the most out of your Annual Meeting sponsorship! Gold sponsors receive additional benefits including a greater reach outside the meeting and the ability to attend the Annual Meeting for free. Review the benefit levels.

Annual Meeting Tote Bag Sold USD $ 40,000.00 View
Social Media Wall Sold USD $ 35,000.00 View
Mix and Mingle Lounge Sold USD $ 25,000.00 View
Exhibit Hall Coffee Cart (2 Available) Available USD $ 20,000.00 View
Convention Center Wi-Fi Available USD $ 45,000.00 View
Mobile App Splash Screen Sold USD $ 20,000.00 View
NEW! Green Screen Photo Station Sold USD $ 20,000.00 View


  • 1 Available
  • 0 On Hold
  • 6 Sold

Reach a large audience and spread the word about your company before, during and after the meeting. Silver sponsors will see their logo listed in many places throughout the Annual Meeting. Review the benefit levels.

Wellness Center Sold USD $ 10,000.00 View
Award Ceremony and Reception [2 of 3 Available] Available USD $ 10,000.00 View
Lanyards Sold USD $ 13,000.00 View
Badge Stock Sold USD $ 13,000.00 View
Film Festival Sold USD $ 10,000.00 View
NEW! Internet Café Sold USD $ 15,000.00 View
APHA Dance Happy Hour Sold USD $ 10,000.00 View


  • 2 Available
  • 0 On Hold
  • 7 Sold

The bronze sponsorship level is perfect for companies with a smaller budget or looking to reach a target audience. Review the benefit levels.

Mobile App Banners [2 of 6 Available] Sold USD $ 5,000.00 View
Public Health CareerMart [4 of 5 Available] Available USD $ 5,000.00 View
Annual Meeting Blog Sold USD $ 5,000.00 View
Exhibitor Hospitality Break (1/2) Available USD $ 4,000.00 View
The Steps Challenge Sold USD $ 5,000.00 View
Charging Stations [0 of 4 Available] Sold USD $ 2,500.00 View
APHA 2018 Navigate and Network [0 of 3 Available] Sold USD $ 2,000.00 View
Speaker Ready Room Sold USD $ 1,000.00 View
Recycle Bins Sold USD $ 1,000.00 View