In-room Tablet - Display Ad


USD $ 800.00 Each

PNG or hi res JPG

270 x 140 pixels


There is no more room service available at the hotel, the tablet now offers alternative meal options to attendees.  Tablets are open and broadcasting in the room from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.  Tablets are touchscreen and also include a keyboard for text input.  The average guest spends four (4) waking hours in their room which gives you extended reach to attendees in an ideal setting.

On the right hand side of the event pages is a column of display ads.  Each of the 4 rotating display ad positions can accommodate up to three (3) ads on a timed rotation of a few seconds.  Each display ad, when touched, leads to an associated large ad (1024 x 720 pixels) that fills the central part of the screen.  Large ads have the ability to include longer messages and offer a link to an external web page.  Ad is displayed for the entire conference week in the Marriott Marquis Hotel only.

All artwork or materials should be received 3 weeks prior to the event (or Monday, August 11).  An activity report detailing touches on their ad is delivered to the advertiser after the event.  Limit of one ad per company.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information contained on this photo. However, no warranties, either expressed or implied, are made with respect to this photo. If the location of building columns, utilities or other architectural components of the facility is a consideration in the construction or usage of a graphic element it is the sole responsibility of the client to physically inspect the facility to verify all dimensions and locations.