Virtual Product Theater


USD $ 7,500.00


RSNA exhibitors can launch a new product, highlight your company’s solutions, or provide a demonstration in this 30-minute, non-CME virtual presentation held in the RSNA 2022 platform. The presentation will include a prerecorded video followed by a live Q&A with up to two speakers in a virtual session. Your speakers can join the virtual session from any location with internet access – from your overseas office to your exhibit at RSNA 2022. 

Only one company will conduct this type of presentation at a time, and presentations will be scheduled during breaks in RSNA programming to provide ample visibility. Attendees will see the full schedule of the Product Theater presentations taking place throughout the week in the agenda to plan their schedules. Any registered RSNA attendee, both in-person and virtual registrants, will be able to access your presentation. 

Virtual Presentations Opportunities

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