Escalator Clings and Runners- Rotunda A

Leads from Grand Lobby down to Exhibit Hall Concourse A


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USD $ 10,500.00

Window Clings and Photo Tex


Are they coming or are they going? No matter... over 14,000 attendees will be traveling on your strikingly branded escalators where ever they are off to!

All-inclusive branding includes large surface area glass clings along both sides, with two long and skinny runners in the middle.

High Traffic and High Visibility

Six Single Sided Glass Clings
Panel 1: 65.25"W x 23"H
Panel 2: 78.5"W x 23"H
Panel 3: 70.5"W x 23"H
Panel 4: 70.5"W x 23"H
Panel 5: 70.5"W x 23"H
Panel 6: 70.5"W x 23"H

Six Double Sided Glass Clings
Panel 1A (Facing Out): 65.25"W x 23"H
Panel 1B (Facing In): 65.25"W x 23"H
Panel 2A: 78.5"W x 23"H
Panel 2B: 78.5"W x 23"H
Panel 3A: 70.5"W x 23"H
Panel 3B: 70.5"W x 23"H
Panel 4A: 70.5"W x 23"H
Panel 4B: 70.5"W x 23"H
Panel 5A: 70.5"W x 23"H
Panel 5B: 70.5"W x 23"H
Panel 6A: 70.5"W x 23"H
Panel 6B: 70.5"W x 23"H

Middle Left Runner: 11"W x 52’H
Middle Right Runner: 12"W x 52’H

Exhibit Hall Entrance Opportunities

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