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Promotional Opportunity Production Information

Artwork Must Be Pre-Approved by Friday, July 29

All artwork must be pre-approved by the Academy prior to production. Content will be reviewed for adherence to the Academy‚Äôs published artwork policies and guidelines.

Submit a low-resolution PDF or JPG to Abigail Greber, Promotions Manager, by July 29 for review.
This deadline ensures ample time to make corrections if requested by the Academy.

DO NOT send artwork directly to Freeman until it has been approved.

Deadline to Submit Artwork Files to Freeman is Monday, August 15

How to Submit Graphics
Our desire is to provide you with the best possible quality graphics for your sponsorship item. You can help us in that effort by providing digital graphics that meet minimum requirements. Download guidelines for creating graphics artwork .

Graphic File Submission Instructions 
Artwork file names should include the company and the placement (e.g. AAO_ChargingLounge_CL-1).

Submit approved artwork directly to Freeman
Contact Haley Schipper for this information.

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