FY19 Nursing Town Hall - Siemens


USD $ 12,500.00

USD $ 13,800.00


The HIMSS Clinical Informatics topic area will be collaborating with the sponsor to conduct (3) Town Hall meetings during FY19 (July 1, 2018 – June 31, 2019).  The Town Hall Meetings purpose is to increase awareness, identify the impact and promote the advancement of nursing informatics and technology by bringing thought leaders and educational content to this community with HIMSS.  Sponsorship of the Town Hall meeting provides exposure to the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community (over 6,700 participants), the HIMSS individual membership (over 61,000).

Mutual Responsibilities:

  • HIMSS will host the complimentary Town Hall series and work with the sponsor in planning, implementing and evaluating the activity which includes: developing objectives and content, and selecting presenters.
  • HIMSS informatics team will manage the logistics of the webinars.  This includes speaker management, registration, creating marketing materials, hosting the event and follow-up communication to registrants.
  • HIMSS shall hold a royalty-free limited license in the co-branded webinars that will be developed. 
  • During the webinars, both HIMSS and the sponsor will be verbally acknowledged
  • HIMSS and the sponsor will promote the webinars to ensure the highest degree of outreach including listing on calendar of events, promoting via email, social media, and any additional promotional channels.
  • HIMSS will ensure the sponsor name/logo will appear on all promotional materials for the webinars and may also appear on the HIMSS webpage where the archived webinars are posted.
  • HIMSS will host the sole event landing page for sponsor to link in their marketing.  All promotions should hyperlink to the HIMSS hosted website.
  • HIMSS and Sponsor shall work collaboratively on control over presentations, and all other aspects of the Town Hall series


  • Verbal recognition of sponsor at each of the three (3) Town Hall series
  • Sponsor logo on slide deck used during presentation
  • Sponsor can provide two (2) of the up three (3) speakers or one (1) of the two (2) speakers for each Town Hall webinar.
    • Recommended: Speakers can be sponsors staff and/or clients and HIMSS will appoint one (1) independent speaker
      • Sponsor
      • Sponsor client
      • Nurse who supports app/use of app/buying & implementing app (impartial speaker)
    • HIMSS Director Clinical Informatics serves as moderator of the Town Hall
  • Sponsor recognition on HIMSS Town Hall Web site with link to sponsors desired landing page
  • Sponsor to receive registration list – name, title, organization (no emails)
    • Town Hall webinar recording available on-line post webinar
  • Exhibitor Priority Points - 4

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