Zen Zone Sponsorship

On Hold

USD $ 12,500.00


Peace and tranquility are within reach. The Zen Zone is a relaxing space designed for attendees to decompress during the busy week of the RSNA Annual Meeting. Attendees can focus on meditation and breathing so they are reenergized for the remainder of the day. Typically, more than 500 attendees add the Zen Zone to their agenda.

With this exclusive sponsorship, your company will be supporting the wellbeing of RSNA attendees and will gain recognition onsite at the RSNA Annual Meeting, within the RSNA program, and in several RSNA communications. 

 - Your custom message on a 22x28 sign that is placed outside of the Zen Zone, so attendees see your brand onsite.

 - Your company name will be listed in the RSNA Annual Meeting online program Zen Zone landing page. Attendees will add this to their agenda as they plan their week and will refer to these as they move through the meeting. 

 - RSNA will promote the Zen Zone to meeting attendees pre-meeting and onsite to drive traffic, and your company name will be recognized.


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