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Sponsorship Production Info

The Deadline to Submit Graphics
All sponsors must submit their production-ready graphics to NRF by October 20, 2023.
If graphics are submitted after this date, additional production fees will be incurred.

Please use the following naming convention for all submitted graphics: 
NRF24_CompanyName_Sponsorship_Item (if needed)_.pdf
Example: NRF24_TrioTech_BannerB42
Example: NRF24_TrioTech_ExpoGuide_BackCover

Frequently Asked Graphic Questions

Q: What types of files are accepted?
A: Acceptable files include: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign Version of CC, and High Resolution PDF files.

Q: Is it preferred to have CMYK or PMS colors?
A: When possible, PMS colors should be provided instead of CMYK.

Q: What resolution do embedded photos need to be?
A: All pixel based artwork should be at a minimum 100dpi at final print size. 

Q: Are bleeds necessary?
A: Bleeds are not necessary, but it is recommended that you leave at least a .25” bleed if possible.

Q: Can files be submitted at ¼ size?
A: Yes.  Files can be submitted at any size/scale as long as when they are scaled up to final size all pixel based art is at a minimum 100dpi and provides a clear image at 100% Ex. If a file is submitted at ¼ scale with pixel based art, the art must be a minimum 400dpi so that when it is sized up the pixel art will be at 100dpi.

Q: When providing artwork for a Meter Board, how much space do I leave free at the bottom where the base will be?
A: You should leave 6” of space at the bottom for the base, leaving the total design area at 81”. 
 Click Here for Visual Reference

Q: How much space to do I need to leave for pockets when submitting banner artwork?
A: You should leave 5” free at the top and bottom to allow room for the pocket and seam.How to Submit Graphics Our desire is to provide you with the best possible quality graphics for your sponsorship item.You can help us in that effort by providing digital graphics that meet minimum requirements. To view a pdf file that gives complete customer guidelines for submitting graphics artwork, Click Here.